At Stump Grinding Central Coast & Tree Services Pty Ltd, we provide top-shelf tree work for Central Coast homes and businesses, as well as strata corporations.

We are ready to take on any land clearing and tree lopping tasks you might be worrying about, and are equiped with all the latest gear and top of the line machinery.

You should definitely contact us, regardless of the size of the project at your home or your business. We’ll get the job done, effectively and affordably.
You can count on Stump Grinding Central Coast & Tree Services Pty Ltd to transform your yard. Our property maintenance services include:
Palm Removal — lawn maintenance in Umina Beach, NSW
stump grinding & Removal
Tree stumps can lead to some big problems. It’s not just the unsightliness you need to think about, it’s also the insects and other pests. But don’t worry, we’ll grind that unwanted stump down and remove it, so the space can be reclaimed and re-used more pleasingly.
Lawn Mowing — lawn maintenance in Umina Beach, NSW
Tree Lopping & Removal
Tree lopping and tree removal services require qualified arborists to implement the latest safety procedures and hazard prevention. What may seem like a daunting task, Stump Grinding Central Coast can provide a hassle free experience for your tree removal needs. Whether you have trees obscuring your beautiful views, dangerous trees hanging over your house or a storm has left your property with damaged trees—We're happy to come along to save you from the debris. With our new 15m elevated work platform (also known as a cherry picker), to add to our fleet of machinery, you won’t need to do anything but sit back and enjoy your manicured landscapes.
Chipping & Mulching
Chipping and mulching your garden has a number of benefits from reducing weed growth, protecting soil from weather exposure, and less watering required for your garden, which in turn reduces your water costs. Stump Grinding Central Coast is the no–hassle, low-priced solution to improving your gardens health. It's wonderful when you fall in love with your garden all over again.

Shrub Prunning — lawn maintenance in Umina Beach, NSW
Tree pruning, Palm Removal & dead wooding
Pruning trees and dead wooding is the neat way to tidy up your property. Done correctly, pruning will also help maintain a more desirable shape for the plant and improve its health. Here are a few good reasons why you need these tree services:
Low-hanging branches, especially if they’re near pedestrians or vehicles, can obstruct vision as well as passing traffic. Pruning could well save you from being involved in an ugly incident or a lawsuit.
To change the shape of a tree or the way it’s growing, pruning is your best bet. Pruning can influence the direction in which a plant grows. It also encourages good, healthy structure in young trees.
Whether it be from old age or high winds and storms, branches on trees will inevitably die off or break. Making yourself and your home vulnerable to falling branches of all sizes.
Healthy plants and palms
Pruning diseased, lifeless, or pest-ridden branches and palm tress, results in healthier and more beautiful trees.